• Livingstone Zambia Elephant Excursions- PureLuxury?

    #3 Posted : Saturday, October 20, 2018 11:27:40 AM


    cathyandsteveg said:

    Alan...I was wondering this myself. Livingstone sent me their information but I did not see this...only the Elephant safari.

    Based on what she said, I'm pretty sure PureLuxury took the Safaris Par Excellence "Interactions" only excursion. I hope she drops back by to confirm and provide additional info. Our non-stop flight (ugh) from Atlanta arrives in Jo'burg late afternoon/early evening- after all connecting flights to Livingstone have departed- so we will spend the night there and catch the short flight to Livingstone mid-morning the next day. That should give us a good start at recovering from the flight. Also, though the flight arrives in Livingstone just a little after noon, from what I was told, the Tauck land and river transport doesn't get us to the Royal Livingstone until after 3:00- after checking in and getting settled in our room, there will not be enough time to do a scheduled activity. We could possibly walk the hotel grounds and the path to the falls and have sundowners on the dock. But, after another full night of sleep, we should be ready for a full day of activities the next day. I've been trying to work up a schedule for the next day and a half that will include Microlight flights, elephant back safari a lion walk and zipline. Right now it is looking like it will be the flights and elephants on the first day and lions and zipline the next day (the day the tour starts.) I think we can do it, however unless we do the early morning Lion walk, there may not be enough time to fit in the zipline before the tour starts. The Lion walk is in Zimbabwe with the pick-up/drop-off point at the Zimbabwe border across the bridge. It about a 30 min. walk from the hotel, so we will need to walk or take (2) taxi(s) there. The zipline isn't far from the drop-off but on the Zambia side near border. We will have the KAZA univisa but I don't know how long it will take to do formalities. I am not sure we can make it. I'm waiting for a little more info from one of the providers.

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  • foot wear

    #4 Posted : Saturday, October 20, 2018 11:04:19 AM


    I agree about checking the weather. I did this cruise in 2015 and planned to bring boots but left them home at the last minute after checking the weather up until the day before I left. It was warm that year and the water levels were lower than usual. I was there in early December and we had a little drizzle a couple of days but that was it. In fact, I brought a coat with a zip-out down liner and took the liner out. A couple from Arizona had bought a lot of warm clothes since they didn"'t need them at home said then they didn't wear them. I'm doing the Danube Christmas Markets cruise this December and plan to do the same thing...check the weather and then decide.

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  • Christmas markets Northbound from Basel 25 NOV 2018

    #3 Posted : Saturday, October 20, 2018 9:51:40 AM


    Hi Dan Have you been keeping up to date with the ALERTS about the Rhine water levels? Guess we may have some changes as we proceed.

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Since 2000 I have been aware of President Bill Clinton’s People to People program because it provided the opportunity for Americans to travel to Cuba for the first time in decades. It created a way for Americans to travel legally to Cuba even though our government has maintained an embargo on Cuba since the early ‘60s.

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Amsterdam is such a special city in so many ways, it would be hard to catalogue them. I feel a special connection to Amsterdam because New York, my home, was originally New Amsterdam. It was founded in 1625 by the Dutch West India Company. And even though it was later taken over by the British and eventually became part of the United States, the or...

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