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If you and 9 friends or family book on the same Tauck trip, the 11th friend you find travels FREE. And if you and 7 friends or family book on the same Tauck Bridges or Culturious trip, the 9th person you include travels FREE.

Family reunions, anniversaries, special occasions, retirements, hobbies, pastimes, clubs, organizations, corporate charters and incentives, gifts... When you travel together as a group, you share that one commodity that's hard to find – "time"... You find that your travels are 50% about what you see and do and 50% about the special bond that forms when you spend time together, away from day-to-day routines. You have 24 hours a day to explore, connect, laugh, learn, dine and enjoy each other's company. And when you travel with friends who share your interests... it's transformational.

Tauck does it all for you from the moment you call to reserve your group. We include just about every holiday expense – over 100 different cost components on every tour and cruise along with value-added enrichment featuring cultural and educational experiences. 

As a group organizer, you can expect:

  1. Availability of more than 3,000 worldwide destinations
  2. Professional assistance with all your group needs – one account manager
  3. Book pre- and post-hotel stays – generally two nights at Tauck rates
    The price of a Tauck holiday includes the best available hotels and resorts, impeccable personal service from expert Tauck Directors, in-depth sightseeing, a taste of regional cuisine, special Tauck experiences, luggage handling, taxes (including port taxes on cruises) and much more.

    Most importantly, your groups travel with trust and confidence. Family owned and led for 90+ years, Tauck is singularly focused on the experiences of our guests. Your group travels are purchased with confidence, personalised service and peace of mind as all of the planning, all of the logistics and all of the hard are taken care of.

    The advantages of travelling with Tauck are as far-reaching as the destinations offered. With our responsive, helpful service, you and your group will relish the peace of mind that is standard with each Tauck travel experience.


    How do I secure group space? 
    By telephone at 0800 8108020 or by email at

    What is the minimum number for a group booking? 
    10 passengers on Tauck land tours and cruises or 8 passengers on Tauck Bridges and Tauck Culturious. Private departures or exclusive departures can be booked for both small and large groups.

    Does Tauck offer group discounts, and is there a free seat for the group leader? 
    Tauck offers a group incentive – the 11th seat is free when 10 passengers are booked on our land journeys and cruises, or the 9th seat is free when 8 passengers are booked on Tauck Bridges family adventures and Tauck Culturious trips.

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