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  • China


    From ancient cities and tranquil country villages to a spellbinding cruise on the Yangtze River, experience venerable traditions, speak with leading experts, view priceless cultural treasures, and discover a rich and varied heritage from Beijing to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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  • India


    A country of epic proportions, India rewards travellers with a contrasting diversity of sights, sounds and experiences forever etched in memory. Tauck's India travel days are unique, exploring the dramatic landscapes of Rajasthan, the northern "Golden Triangle" and lush tropical Kerala.

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  • Japan


    Amidst its vibrant cosmopolitan landscapes are carefully-sculpted Zen gardens, revered temples and sacred shrines. Rich cultural traditions flourish today amidst a have for impeccable personal service in this island national devoted to both luxury and simplicity.

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  • South East Asia

    Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos

    Marvel at a rich tapestry of ancient temples, palaces, picturesque villages and historic waterways as you travel through the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand with extraordinary cultural experiences, visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and outstanding hotels and resorts.

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